Festival Wellies For Women

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Festival wellies are a must, especially with the unpredictable English weather.  At MyFashionShop.co.uk we offer cheap womens wellies for that ideal festival outfit.

For student fashion, neon colours and large print patterns are must haves for this year’s festivals and wellies are the perfect accessory for any festival outfit.

When the summer finally arrives, be prepared by having at least one pair of all round wellies that you can wear for the festivals.

Women’s Hunter wellies are perfect for festivals, they come in all ranges of colours and patterns and they are also hard wearing, so will last for more than one festival weekend!

The idea for festivals is to travel light, so you can team a block coloured pair of women’s hunter wellies with a pair of patterned knee high socks, a pair of denim shorts and a casual neon t-shirt.

If you are on a tight budget for your festival summer, up-cycle your wellies by accessorising them with stickers or patterned socks. The ideal socks for festivals should be knee-high for maximum comfort if your wellies are up to your shins.

Depending upon your height, you can wear different types of wellies. This year, ankle wellies are everywhere and are perfect fashion for students.  Ankle wellies are more suited to the taller woman, as they have a shorter cut-off point. If you are smaller and more conscious of your legs, longer wellies which are patterned may be more suitable for you, as patterns can hide parts of your body you wish to.

Student fashion tips: see what you can find from last summer’s wardrobe, centre your outfit on your wellies and use them as a base for your whole outfit. Finding old clothes keeps your festival spends to a minimum and use.

Look for stand out Aztec prints. These will give you that extra edge over the crowd with a casual, slightly out there look! Use prints on shorts or tops to bring out the colour of your wellies. If your wellies are a standard dark green colour, look for oranges and reds to bring out the plain colour of your wellies, use the women’s hunter wellies sale for inspiration.

Mix and match pastel coloured clothes with bright pops of colour on your wellies, or the other way around depending on which part of your outfit you want to stand out most, using your wellies as your accessory means you have plenty of room to play with your patterns and colours.

Remember; use your wellies as your accessory! Jewellery is never a smart idea at festivals.

If you are a student and fashion is just what you love, then browse around MyFashionShop.co.uk for perfect festival fashion. With tonnes of fashion for students, not just cheap wellies for women, the website offers great deal to make your summer more bearable on your bank balance.


By Lucy Packwood (read more of Lucy’s great blogs on https://lucypackwood.wordpress.com)